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Here are some movie reviews and reactions to Jerry, our first feature film!

UK Film Review reacted favorably to the film, stating in their in-depth film review for Jerry that “the intimate scenes of dialogue play out with undisturbed control, allowing Jerry’s dilemma to blossom onscreen whilst creating atmosphere and tension. […] One particular scene, where Jerry asks the opinion of his surly co-worker Richmond (Alexander Rock), is brutally funny, showing the stark reaction of modern adult sensibilities. […] Some of the funniest moments come from the naturalistic banter between Jerry and Steven. As their father-son-esque squabbles intensify, a genuinely compelling change consumes Jerry, propelling him, unwittingly, into adulthood.”


Jerry was also reviewed on the Film Trooper video podcast! “I can’t tell you how charming the three lead actors are,” Scott McMahon states in his video review, noting that the filmmakers “knew exactly what they were aiming for.” Mr. McMahon concluded his review by stating that Jerry is “what an indie film is supposed to be like.” Watch the whole Film Trooper video review on Jerry by clicking here (skip to 24:47 for Scott’s thoughts on the film).


Adam Lottes called Jerry a “quirky, humorous and touching film” in his movie review at It was the first review Jerry received and in it, Adam notes that “while it moves at a slower pace, the film demands your attention.”

“I cannot wait to see what else comes from these filmmakers” states Marie in her Jerry film review, especially applauding the hiking-date scenes at Red Rock Canyon, stating “that was magic” and “if I had not seen the behind-the-scenes featurette, it would continue to be movie magic for me. Who would have known how hard it was to film?”


Jerry also got reviewed by Chike Evans on “The Steven Knight Show,” a live online radio show! Mr. Evans described it as an “adult coming-of-age” story and praised the film by stating, “you get to see a moment where Jerry is at this crossroad, that if he makes a certain decision it ultimately changes the rest of his life. I thought it was an excellent, excellent first-time film for this film company.” You can listen to the full review on the “The Steven Knight Show” by clicking here (the section with Chike’s movie review for Jerry starts at 5:25).

Mireille Miskulin offers her thoughts on the characters, acting, and cinematography in Jerry in her film review at The Entertainment Corner, waxing poetic on Steven seeming “to be a boy growing up like the tumbling weeds of the Nevada desert.”


And here’s a sample of reactions that people shared with us on Twitter:

“JERRY is a good example of why I prefer . It is simple and down to earth with a lot of super funny dialogue.” – 

“I’ve learned a lot watching of from @DreamStreetLTD. Everyone into indiefilm should watch it.” –

“What a wonderful film it was. I really enjoyed the script, music, quality of video and the cast. EXCELLENT” – 

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