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How did a team of six filmmakers make their first independent film? Find out the story of how we created Jerry by checking out these MoviePilot filmmaker articles we wrote!

Want to know about our screenwriting process? Check out this article:

Writing Our First Movie “We didn’t want a myriad of ideas to inform the writing. The goal was to start writing without too specific of a direction. If we could come in completely raw, with as few preconceived notions as possible, then the characters could live and breathe and the writer would be guided by, rather than dictating, their direction.” (written by Alex Rock)

How does someone with zero acting experience prepare to be in a feature film? Read how we got our actors ready for filming:

Rehearsing A Cast Of First Time Actors For My Debut Feature Film “We were excited by the opportunity to take each cast member in this raw untrained form, and help guide them to a place of comfort and vulnerability.” (written by Melody Rock)

How did 3 co-directors maintain their personal vision while collaborating? Read about the teamwork that was used to create Jerry here: 

Teamwork Between Three Movie Directors “When it came to the actual shooting, the directing team was responsive to the movie set environment, which is a complex, time-sensitive, demanding, and crazy interpersonal/financial maze, among other things. We used a production process that prioritized teamwork, and everyone participated in different aspects and production roles throughout the making of Jerry.” (written by Max Fox)

The star of Jerry shares some of his experiences from the set, and spills the beans on what it was like to act alongside an 11-year-old actor in this filmmaker article: 

Being in a Movie with a Preteen Actor “Steven hadn’t acted before. He hadn’t ever done anything in front of a camera, and his lack of experience was only slightly less than mine and every other actor in the film. He was excited to be in the movie because to him, being a movie meant notoriety and money.” (written by Daniel Rock)

For the ultimate behind-the-scenes look at the making of our first independent film, get your copy of our book “First Feature: The Making of Jerry” and the documentary video “Jerry: Behind The Scenes” – both are included in the “Jerry” Gold Package (Feature Film and ALL Bonus Content) which is available at our store!



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