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10 Tips For Ultra Low Budget Filmmakers

Melody Rock
We made “Jerry,” our first feature length movie for $15,000. The small budget inspired us to get creative in executing the movie. Here are some tricks we used to pull the whole thing off. Wardrobe There was no money in the budget for wardrobe so we took photographs of our cast in all sorts of combinations of their clothing. We created a folder using Dropbox that could be accessed from our mobile devices or computers that cataloged these photos so that we could look at them to pick out an ou

How To Watch The Digital Download Or Stream Of “Jerry”

Melody Rock
We made “Jerry” with a small budget, which afforded us the option to release the movie in a unique way. We have complete freedom with the release and thus decided to create a digital store online where people from all over the world would be able to purchase a digital download or stream of “Jerry” and other bonus content. It’s an exciting way to release our movie because we retain full control of all aspects of distribution/marketing and we get to make it available to anyone with an I


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