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Max FoxSunday, September 7th, 2014comment

You’re about to start a Twitter account, or you’re considering a change of your existing username. What is your Twitter handle going to be, and what combination of characters after the @ will serve you well in the world of tweet? Below is a quick list of suggestions to help you find the right moniker.


MEMORABLE – If you use a username that is easy for other Twitter users to remember, it is more likely that people will remember you! A name that sticks in the mind makes it easier for people to associate what you’re doing on Twitter with your individual account, and that’s important.

SIMPLE – Don’t make it a chore for other users to type in your name. Avoid numbers, underscores, and symbols because this requires others to go into different keyboard sets when using smartphones and tablets, and this can get annoying. You want to make it easy for people to include you in their tweets! Use words. People know how to spell words. A username like @ThaMonkay might seem fun and memorable, but you’re setting yourself up for a struggle if you ever try to tell someone IRL (In Real Life) what your twitter name is.

SHORT – We only have 140 characters for each tweet so brevity is key. Each character of a username is taking up the valuable space of a tweet. Allow others to tweet you meaningful things by giving them a lot of room to write.

YOU – Express yourself. Try to go with something you’ll like using in the long run.

If you’re having difficulty coming up with a name, try brainstorming. How about using your real name if it’s available? Animals, adjectives, food items, salutations, memes, twists on famous names, sounds, random nouns, colors. Playing with words is fun and that’s a huge part of social media, so dive in. Twitter is an amazing playground of language and you will have the freedom to be as articulate, aw3s0m3, poetic, or WTF as you want to be and it is the same with your name. Get a list of words and different combinations going and you’ll be on your way to finding a great Twitter handle.

TLDR: Pick a Twitter username that is memorable, simple, short, and YOU.

There are arguments to go against any and all of these suggestions. Sometimes making a name memorable can be achieved by adding a number or by misspelling a word. Maybe you would like to hide in the shadows of Twitter, or make it difficult for others to remember your name or to reference you in conversation. Perhaps you find the very idea of suggestions offensive and are contrarians in nature, or you think it would be an interesting experiment to see if people can guess the number of underscores you’ve put in a series of underscores in your name. Or you want to draw a picture with your username, for example @i_i or use numbers as letters such as @8105 (which could be read as BIOS…?) Pro Tip: Pick a name that matches the topic(s) you’re going to tweet about. The risk with this approach is that if you want to tweet about other topics at a later date, your choice of name may seem irrelevant and chosen without proper consideration.

Have fun and hit me up at @themaxfox. Thanks for reading!


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